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Grist from the Mill

Fall-Winter 2021-2022

Introducing the new Colvin Run Mill site manager, Julie Gurnee; message from the FoCRM president on the Friends being honored with the Eakin Philanthropy Award; widening Route 7 news; automating the hopper boys; making cider; shout out to National Charity League volunteers; and upcoming events (flour mills in War of 1812, Santa at the mill, yoga at the mill, book club, and many others). 

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Summer-Fall 2021

Grand opening of new waterwheel and flume; upcoming events (back in business: grinding, blacksmithing, opening of miller's house, cider making, and Santa will be back!); Temporary site manager; Changes in Friends' membership dues; Roads around the mill - Route 7 widening in historical context; Carper of Carper Farm's Way.

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Spring-Summer 2021

Reflections of FOCRM President, progress report on replacement of the water wheel and flume, Fairfax County Park Authority in the process of selecting a new site manager, Treasurer's 2020 report, activities of the Friends of Colvin Run Mill, report on the wintry maple syrup boil down, and more.

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Winter 2020-2021

Kathryn Blackwell moving on after eight years at the site, Sarah Oberther new temporary manager; Scottish whiskey tastings; Santa at the mill cancelled; Route 7 widening.

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Special Summer Edition  2020

Kitty O'Hara, past FOCRM President, current Treasurer, and volunteer for 17 years wins Fairfax County Park Authority prestigious Elly Doyle Service Award. Delivery of working model of an Archimedes screw. Refreshing the Educational Center.


Spring-Summer 2020

Miller's house rooms furnished but grand opening delayed. Mill coloring book. Maple syrup boil down. Four floor tours of the mill. New map resources.


Fall-Winter 2019-2020

Dedication of Lundegard Educational Center; Stills and Cider; Miller House Tea Table; fireboxes for blacksmith forge.


Spring-Summer 2019

War of 1812 re-enactors - the Chesapeake Independent Blues; Miller's room restorations; summer camps for kids; Four floor tours.


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